Tracks Added – July 2014

Quiet month for music with only three purchases along with the Society of Sound downloads and these three are all the same artist.

This months additions are:

  • Amarante – The Problem was Me EP
  • Amarante – Udana Prana
  • Amarante – Elapsed Euphoria
  • Tom Cawley’s Curios – Captive (SoS)
  • LSO – Brahms – German Requiem (SoS)

Sometimes I come across music in the most normal of ways, through my sons, the radio or film soundtrack, for example. Othertimes it is more unorthodox such as my discovery of Amarante who I came across while watching a video on the BBC website about a girl with Trichotillomania. It was a great sound and fitted the video, which you can see below, perfectly.

I loved the track used, Don’t Look Back, and was pleased to find that they weren’t just a one trick pony either so I ended up buying three of their releases. I really like the sound and recommend you take a listen on their Soundcloud page.

That’s it for this month.

Those above marked (SoS) are from a subscription service called Society of Sound which is curated by Real World Records, Peter Gabriel and the LSO. This provides members with two downloads a month of which you get no choice. This means that some months you get something that you really love and other months not so.


All my music is held in a web-based music streamer called Subsonic, a roll-your-own Spotify if you like. This provides statistics on number of tracks and size of collection, as you can see below.

1,240 artists
2,704 albums
23,632 songs
243.79 GB
1,909 hours