Thoughts on Size

When I posted recently about the tracks added to my music library over last year something that struck me was that it required 35gb of additional storage. That still seems like an enormous amount of disk space to me. This now takes the total amount of storage for all my music to 266gb. This is much much more than my old iPod classic would hold and certainly more than the amount of music I used to carry around.

When memory sticks first became affordable I used to have one on which I had my favourite tracks in a folder called 256mb and used to play them via winamp (if you don’t remember Winamp you can see a reimplementation of it in HTML5 here). You don’t get many tracks in 256mb – from memory I had about 30.


Such was my affection for this playlist that I still have one called that today, although it has slightly more tracks in it these days and I stream it from Subsonic.

I guess that’s what you call progress.