Making a Case for Audio Books

I love music. It’s really unusual for me to not have music playing somewhere. If it’s blaring out of my computer, music streamer in the lounge or out of my headphones when on the move it is pretty unusual.

Music, for me, can be background noise, something that doesn’t require too much concentration and fills a void that would be silence otherwise. Sometimes, however, I want something different, something that does require concentration but is still aural and I have found that is audio books.

This is something of a rediscovery for me as I had got out of the habit of listening but having to make a couple of long car journeys for work recently led me to rediscover. In a trip to Wales and Gloucester I was able to manage to polish off Michael Palin’s Halfway to Hollywood and which simultaneously also got me back into the habit of diary writing.

For the last couple of weeks I have been working my way through Big Finish’s Dalek Empire collection, which I have to say has been superb. One of the things that has drawn me into this so much is the excellent production and cast which includes Gareth Thomas (Blake in Blake’s 7). It is also the first Doctor Who spin-off that does feature or even mention the Doctor at all.

Audio books don’t replace books, or music for that matter, but it does give me something else to concentrate on other than the road when driving or I’m on the bus or train. It’s good to get lost in another world.