Greece 2015 – Gatwick – Shipping Out

It was with mixed feelings that I left home for holiday this morning. Normally I would be looking froward for a break but today our departure coincided with something I enjoy equally – tech. I had ordered a new iPhone knowing that it would be released today but hoped that the parcel would be delivered in enough time for me to set it up and take it with me but alas it was not to be and so now I head away knowing that I won’t see it for two weeks. Still, at least I won’t be able to drop it over the side of the boat which would have been a tragedy!

As a start to a holiday this one hasn’t been the smoothest with a number of niggily glitches which started when we tried to park our car at Gatwick. We had bought valet parking but when we followed the instructions to car park 6 we found the way blocked and were sent to another area. On arrival at the valet reception they took one look at our booking and decided it wasn’t for there. There followed a heated discussion and a call to various parties before it was decided that, yes, actually we were in the right place after all and could park up.

Next, sat on the tarmac at Gatwick on an already delayed plane the captain comes over the tannoy to announce that they think one of the tyres has a puncture. A few minutes later he is back to confirm that yes, it is flat and will need to be changed but it is ok as this is a fairly routine task and it will be done within half an hour. At which, almost as one voice, the rest of the plane replies “HALF AND HOUR!”. Only the British could mutiny over a flat tyre. I was just grateful that they told us while on the ground and not on the decent into Corfu.

After a smooth flight we were ten minutes out of Corfu when I noticed that the distance to the airport was increasing a fact confirmed by the live map which showed we were going round in circles. There was a dearth of information but eventually we were told that due to bad weather over the airport we were being held to the south of the island. After an hour of circling we finally made our bumpy descent and landed. Some weren’t so lucky and were diverted elsewhere in Greece.

Finally, we made it to the boat but even here there was a problem as at check-in they couldn’t find us on their system despite us having our boarding cards with our cabin number printed on them. Eventually we were allowed on but the day had one further surprise in store for us. We were tracked down by a member of the crew who told us we had been given the wrong keys and presented us with a new set. On arrival at our new cabin we were dismayed to say the least to find that it had twin beds rather than the double we had requested when we booked more than a year ago. A “discussion” ensued with reception but the deed was done and this looks set to be our lot for the next week.

We typically don’t spend a huge amount of time in the cabin so it isn’t the end of the world but when you have had a long day with a number of issues along the way they all start to build up and take on greater significance. Also it is a bit odd to spend your 25th wedding anniversary holiday in separate beds!

We finally got to bed at half past midnight but not together, obviously.