Greece 2015 – Paleokastritsa, Corfu – Exchanging One Boat for Another

After a leisurely start to the day that included a talk from the Thomson rep telling us of all the wonderful things we could do while on the island we set off in our little hire car to the pretty seaside “town” of  Paleokastritsa.

When we were here two years ago at roughly the same time there wasn’t much going on as most things had closed for the season. This time however there was much more going on and we were able to catch a small boat out to the caves.

If I thought that it was rocking on the cruise ship I was wrong as this little boat with just five of us swayed left and right (should that be port and starboard?) as we made our way across the bay. The colours of the water were amazing but I was grateful to be seeing them from above not below. In my mind I was thinking that my new Pebble watch would be OK as it was waterproof – never mind that I’m not!

Late afternoon we went to the next beach on from our hotel which turned out to be more, ah, commercial than picturesque shall we say. Certainly some of the flesh on display wasn’t that appealing to the eye and we quickly beat a hasty retreat!

Apropos of nothing if you are wondering why I haven’t uploaded more photos it is because the WiFi in the hotel is akin to dial-up speeds. In fact the WiFi on the boat in the middle of the Mediterranean over a satellite link was quicker – just a lot more expensive. Photos will have to wait until we return.