Greece 2015 – Mouse Island, Corfu – Threatening Skies

It’s our penultimate day in Corfu and we are beginning to struggle to find new things to do, part of the problem to coming to an island so small and not being the sort of people to just sit and relax by the pool!

We have been so lucky with the weather so far but today looked like it might not continue as the clouds over our first destination, Achilleion Palace, were very threatening but also mesmerising to watch. However, when we got there the clouds parted and it was lovely and sunny. The rest of the day continued in the same vein and so still haven’t seen any rain.

We didn’t actually go into the palace as we have been before and it is expensive for what it is. However, there is a cafe right next door called “Bella Vista” and it really isn’t overselling – the view is stunning.

From Achilleion we drove down to the coast and walked across the split back to the Vlacherna monastery and then took a boat over to Mouse Island, so called because it is apparently shaped like a mouse although it is impossible to tell that from the ground.

Finally we drove to Kaiser’s Throne just a few kilometres from the hotel. Apparently Kaiser Wilhelm II used to holiday in Corfu at Achilleion but loved the view from Pelekas which is where the “throne” is and you get some fantastic 360 degree views across the whole island and beyond.

Our final evening was spent in the “posh” restaurant of the hotel where it is much more selective and not self-service. There just a few places and they are all outside overlooking the sea. A great way to spend our final evening.