Greece 2015 – Kassiopi, Corfu – King of the Castle

While Corfu is a small island traversing it can take a while as the roads are narrow, windy and not very well maintained. So a trip from Ermones to Kassiopi which is about 25 miles takes an hour and a half. Of course it’s not a bad view as you make your way over but you do have to be alert to not dropping off the side of some cliff.

Our first stop on the way was Angelokastro a beautiful fortress at the top of a set of steep steps, although nothing like those at Kotor. It’s a great place with a fabulous view.


From there it was on to the seaside town of Kassiopi from where we could stand and look across the water to Saranda in Albania where we were yesterday. We had some food in the same taverna that we eat in last time and I shied away from the calamari remembering just how much I got before.

Back at the hotel in the evening there was the most enormous electrical storm which thankfully didn’t last long but did take out all the electrics in both our hotel and the one opposite the bay.