Right Policies, Wrong Person

To date I have kept well out of the debate on the next Labour leader but now that I have received my £25 vote I am pitching in.

I will be voting for Owen Smith. Not that I think that he is the best person for the party but because he is, in my opinion, marginally the better of the two put in front of me.

I like Corbyn’s policies but I just don’t think he is the right person to deliver them and to be leading the party to win an election, which is what it is all about after all.

This video sums him up for me. Like it or not today’s politics requires you to be media savvy. Corbyn is not. He was luke warm during the Brexit campaign and now there are legitimate questions to be answered about his conduct he wants to not answer them.


Despite my vote for Smith I strongly suspect that Corbyn will win but, again in my opinion, he cannot deliver a general election victory for the party and that is what really matters. He cannot appeal to the sorts of people he needs to – the general voting public and not just his fervent supporters who will get him back in.