Sicily 2016 – Day 6 – Taormina to Siracusa

Today was our last full day in Taormina and I was really sorry to be leaving as it is a lovely place. The hotel was superb and really well located for the town which was just a short walk away. We spent our final morning walking through the main street and down, once again, into the public gardens. This must be my favourite spot in the whole place – the picture above is of one of the buildings within the park which somehow I find mesmerising.

Regrettably we don’t have the ability to teleport and so the relocation from Taormina to Siracusa had to be undertaken by car. On a motorway. It was quick but about as interesting as travelling from Reading to Cardiff on the M4. I was glad when we arrived without too much misshap.

Given the Italians love of Ferrari I have often wondered why there haven’t been more Italian F1 world champions or drivers for that matter. The journey from Taormina answered that question – they are just awful drivers, all of them. They wander over the lanes, tailgate and judging by the number of dented side panels get into more than their fair share of scrapes.

We didn’t have a great deal of time to explore Siracusa fully today, that is a job for tomorrow, but we were able to get out and see the sea. Tomorrow we intend to take a look at another Greek theatre and the other archiological ruins.