Sicily 2016 – Day 11 – And home

So the holiday is over for another year. Time has really gone quickly and we have packed an awful lot into our two weeks and had a great time. Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly.

What I’ll miss

The barque architecture – the places we visited to the south of the island were superb, even if the most of them were churches.… Read the rest

Sicily 2016 – Day 10 – Noto

We’re obviously getting the taste for local train travel as we were on the same train as yesterday this morning. This time we were taking a shorter trip to the town of Noto. As yesterday there was a walk from the station to the interesting part of the town and once again there were no signs of where to go, no maps available to guide all of which I found really strange given the reliance these towns place on tourism.… Read the rest

Sicily 2016 – Day 8 – Siracusa

When we first arrived here a couple of days ago one of the first places we made it to was the castle right at the end of the island. This being Italy we had missed the tiny window of time when it was actually open but did happen to notice that it was open today and, because it was the first Sunday of the month, for free too!… Read the rest

Sicily 2016 – Day 4 – Castelmola

Over the last few days we have seen numerious companies offering hop-on, hop-off bus services going to various local places. However, there was really only one place that we were interested in visiting on these routes – Castelmola. Turns out that there is a local bus that goes there and for only €1.90 rather than €10, although the latter does last all day.… Read the rest

Sicily 2016 – Day 2 – Taormina

The hotel we are staying in, the San Domenic Palace, is housed in a 14th century monastery. It’s a beautiful place but it is a bit like staying over night in a museum. Not only is it architecturally interesting it is also littered with period furniture, some of which is roped off just like in a National Trust property.… Read the rest