Sicily 2016 – Day 8 – Siracusa

When we first arrived here a couple of days ago one of the first places we made it to was the castle right at the end of the island. This being Italy we had missed the tiny window of time when it was actually open but did happen to notice that it was open today and, because it was the first Sunday of the month, for free too! So we spent this morning looking around it. 

English Heritage, National Trust et al all make a pretty good job of interpreting what you see as you go round any of their properties. That seems to be a peculiarly British thing as I have found nothing to match it anywhere on the continent. And so it was in the castle which was an interesting structure but I have absolutely no idea how old it is or what any of it was used for so I cannot impart any of that knowledge.

Next was a wander round the little winding streets of the town looking at the shops. The hours kept are pretty leisurely here with a looooooooooong break for lunch. I’m sure in their defence they would say that they are open longer into the evenings but they are not that longer. Of course the only time you want or need anything the shops are shut but you just have to go with the flow. For us this meant sat outside at a cafe opposite the Duomo watching the world go by.

Our final stop of the day was at the railway station to buy tickets ready for our journey tomorrow. We didn’t need to engage the chap behind the counter as he probably spoke as much English as those working behind the counters at Reading railway station speak Italian. Fortunately the ticket machines speak impeccable English so sorting the tickets was a simple job.

It has become a thing now that each evening before we eat we go to a cafe overlooking the Apollo ruins. In fact it’s become so much of a thing that the waiter even knows our order! It’s very pleasant in the setting sun sat here in shirtsleeves and I’ll miss it when we return.

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