USA ’18 – Day 5 – A Pale Shadow of its Former Self

There was a time when Disney’s Hollywood Studios would have ranked as our favourite park but based on today’s visit it won’t be getting top spot in 2018. The park is currently undergoing a huge amount of building work creating the new Star Wars land and for this a number of rides have been levelled. Add to this that the all new Toy Story land is there but isn’t due to open until 30th June. They whole place feels small with not as much to do as before.

That said there are still enough rides to keep the boys entertained. They went on the Rock n’ Roller coaster a number of times. I’m afraid that I didn’t make it as far as the cars this year as I bottle it before getting on. The thought of doing it was making me feel physically sick and I decided that wasn’t a way to feel on holiday.

Dotted around the Disney parks are official photographers who will take your picture in iconic locations. Previously, if you had wanted to download these you had to pay for the privilege and we never bothered. This year that has been rolled into the ticket price so now we can get some pictures taken of all the family without my arm stretched out. It’s a great addition and brings terrific value. They photographers are good and the pictures are usually available on the Disney app within minutes. Brilliant!

Our gas guzzling 4×4 was ready for a top up today and so we popped into a garage. I won’t bore you again with the trials and tribulations of trying to pay for petrol in the US with a UK credit card but, in short, it’s a pain. Having filled the tank for about £20 (TWENTY POUNDS FOR A FULL TANK!!!) I went to start the car and nothing happened. There then followed a frantic couple of minutes while I tried to restart the car and interpret the dashboard warning lights. In the end it transpired that I had left the car in drive and you can only start the car when in park position. Doh!

On a happier note the 7/11 stocked bottles of Fanta Pineapple which is just the best thing ever and the sooner we can get this in the UK the better!