2018, a Year in Review

For years now I have been keeping list and records of what I have been up to. This might be count of daily steps through to books read. All of this was nothing more than for me personal interest. However, recently several personal data aggregators have emerged which take data from multiple sources and present it back to you in a hopefully meaningful way.… Read the rest

Feeling Lucky Punk?

So how many competitions do you need to enter to win something? That is the question that I asked myself in late 2017.

563 is the answer with seven yet to close.

Everyone wants to be feel lucky in some way or another which is why so many do the lottery, play poker or, back in the day, the pools.… Read the rest

Six Days, Five Counties, Six National Trust Properties

It seems that this has become a bit of a “thing”. This is the fifth year of getting out post Christmas to work off some of the chocolate consumed and make the most of our National Trust Membership. You can see the previous entries here, 2014/5, 2015/6, 2016/7 (either didn’t do it or forgot to write about it that year) and 2017/18.… Read the rest

Reading Toy Run

The Reading Toy Run has been going since 1985, so slightly longer than we have lived in Reading but we have never been to see it, which is quite shocking. This year we made amends for that.

The toy run is a charitable exercise bringing together lots of bikers who ride through the outskirts of Reading each carrying a present for a child.… Read the rest

Ghent 2018 – Day Two – A Day of Two Halves

Despite the hotel having the word “pillows” in its name evoking soft dreamy bed times I actually didn’t sleep that well last night. Maybe it was the different pillows? Anyway, we hadn’t booked breakfast in the hotel as while it is convenient and there is usually a large selection it is often overpriced for what we actually eat.… Read the rest

All Aboard the Mail Rail!

It was my birthday this weekend (thanks for the best wishes, cards and cake!) and as a special treat to myself I arranged to go up to London to ride the Mail Rail.

Mail Rail is the name of the narrow gauge railway that ran underneath London and was, until 2003, how Royal Mail transferred post across the city. … Read the rest