USA ’18 – Day 12 – Cars and Shopping

We had unfinished business with Epcot because the last time we went in Test Track wasn’t running and so we couldn’t tick that one off. This is one of our favourite rides so it meant a trip back today specifically to do it.

Disney seem to be having a crackdown on what you can bring into the parks with you. This trip the entry time has been lengthened by more stringent checks on the way in including airport style metal detectors. On the trams from the car parks there is now an announcement stating the things that are prohibited which includes knives, guns and the ever dangerous selfie sticks. I suspect that this is more to do with in people’s way than their ability to do major harm.

Of course it makes no sense just to go to Epcot and only ride Test Track given the high cost of parking. So at opening we first went over to have another go on Soarin’ which was pretty swift at that time before having a couple of goes on Test Track. I had forgotten just how fast it can seem on a steeply banked track. Great fun!

There was only one thing left to do in Epcot and that came from a special request from Mat who wanted his picture taken with Baymax, the robot from Big Hero 6. How could we refuse? It looks like the start of a beautiful friendship!

The boys come up with some strange things at times. This trip they seem to have got into the habit (or more accurately Alex has) of asking when you return from the loo “Sloane or American Standard?” Why they need to know the make of the sanitaryware I am not sure but I found myself coming out today and automatically saying “Sloane, smells of aniseed”!