ZSL London Zoo, Zoo Nights 2018

Last Friday we once again set off for Regent’s Park and the ZSL London Zoo for their annual Zoo Nights event (neé Sunset Safari, which I think is a much superior name). This is becoming a regular event for us having been both in 2015 and 2016.

I’m sure that there are those who would say that we shouldn’t be visiting what is effectively a prison for animals and it must be frustrating for some of the big cats to not be able to properly stretch their legs. On the other hand there are others that would say that zoos provide a vital way of ensuring that some of these endangered creatures are saved. I probably sit somewhere in the middle with a flexible view which allows me to both visit a zoo with a clear conscience and sympathise with their plight.

For those that aren’t familiar Zoo Nights are an adult only affair that takes place every Friday in June. According to the signs the Friday we went was completely sold out but I have to say that it certainly didn’t feel crowded in any way. By pre-booking you take a bit of a chance with the fickle British weather but we were extremely lucky and the sunshine was glorious.

It being 18 and up only also means that they can serve (expensive) alcohol, not that’s much interest to me but was greatly appreciated by other members of our party, Although in retrospect it probably would have been wiser to also sample some of the (expensive) food on offer too before knocking back two plastics full of (expensive) wine. Just saying…

While seeing the tigers and the lions was a treat the highlights for me were the playful penguins, who were just getting ready for dinner when we visited, and the meerkats who look like they would make a lovely pet especially when dressed in a velvet dinner jacket and a cravat. Unfortunately this time I wasn’t able to get a picture of one of them in the classic pose standing on their hind legs on top of a rock surveying the surroundings. However, I am pretty pleased with the picture of the tiger which was good compensation.

When we exited the zoo nobody in our party, but especially those that had had two (expensive) wines and no food, felt particularly excited about the prospect of either a walk or taxi back to Paddington, followed by a train and then a bus journey home. Fortunately Uber had recently had their licence reinstated and this allowed us to get a taxi all the way home making our visit possible the most expensive of anyone ever!