Italy ‘19 – Day Nine – Sorrento and Positano

When people talk about Italy a number of places come up such as, of course, Rome, Tuscany and the Amalfi coast. We are just along the coast from Amalfi and we decided today to take a local bus and explore out that way. If you have ever seen any photos of the Amalfi coast it is almost certainly the shot Similar to that above of Positano and it was that that we wanted to see.

We had decided to take the public bus which was stupidly cheap at about €3 each way but absolutely rammed full. We, of course, arrived early to the stop and got in the queue near the head. As more And more people arrived they tried standing at the beginning too. Given that the British have a proud tradition of queuing and a sense of fair play to see these newcomers try and push in was doing my stress levels no good at all.

Surprisingly and thankfully a bus company employee was there and he weeded out these newcomers and sent them to the back of the queue. He won my hero of the day award!

The bus took quite a while to make its way along the narrow winding road in the direction of Positano and we were glad that we had bagged a seat. The views were great but photos taken through the tinted and smeary windows don’t really do it any justice.

At Positano we all piled out and almost immediately you could see the view across the bay to the brightly coloured houses. It must be a nightmare living there (as is the case with so many tourists traps) as the streets were full of people with their cameras out trying to get the best shot (or in current parlance to get the best shot for Instagram).

As it happens there isn’t a great deal to do in Positano and so after a coffee and cannoli (my new favourite confection) we were back on the back to Sorrento.

In Sorrento we took a self guided walking tour of the town which took in more than what we had visited yesterday. It’s an interesting place which much to like especially when the sun starts to go down and the light plays on the warm clouds of the buildings.

Dinner tonight was a much better affair than yesterday but then you can’t go far wrong with a pizza!

Tomorrow, back in time to Pompeii.