Italy ‘19 – Day Eight – Arriving Somewhere But Not Here*

Today was a something and nothing day sandwiched between two parts of our holiday. With the cruise over we were transferring to a hotel in Sorrento.

Given the number of people that are getting on, getting off it is a real coordinated affair involving different coloured tags and departure times. We were off at midday to be taken by coach to our hotel in Sorrento. If you go direct it is about an hours drive. If you have to drop off other people at other hotels on the way and yours is the last drop it takes two and a half hours!

We checked in and immediately went out again to explore the town before going off to find somewhere for dinner. We weren’t short of options as every other place seemed to be a pizzeria or trattoria . We chose one at random and perhaps should have put more care into our selection as the food like the service turned out to be pretty mediocre.

From behind where I was sat came the most curious noise, the sound of something being scraped and turned. This went on for what seemed like forever and was beginning to get pretty annoying. Helen who was opposite me was able to see that the noise was being caused by an American who was turning and turning and turning a bottle of red wine until the contents was well and truly dizzy. No doubt he was some sort of wine snob and felt this would enhance the experience but it certainly didn’t enhance mine!

Tomorrow we hit the town properly!

*Arriving Somewhere But Not Here.