Dorset 2020 – Day Three – What a Difference a Day Makes

Following on from yesterday’s glorious weather it was back down to Earth with a bump today with torrential rain. Before we saw the forecast the plan had been to walk to Swanage along the coastal path and then get the train back. As a contingency we had decided to book a return train trip and it was just as well we did as I wouldn’t have wanted to be walking in today’s weather.

So it was that we found ourselves at Corfe Castle station waiting for the steam train to arrive to take us to Swanage. It was a short but pleasant, socially distanced, trip to the centre of Swanage a place that I’d not been to for a very long time.

The time of our return trip back to Corfe had been predicated on us walking there, having a quick bite to eat and then coming back. The out leg of our train journey meant that we ended up having three hours to kill in Swanage. Three. Long. Hours.

I’m sure that Swanage has its fans and perhaps I might have viewed it differently had the sun been shining but in the damp and the drizzle of our visit it seemed tired and had little to offer the tourist. Even the lunch time fish and chips in a tired Harry Ramsden’s was a depressing affair. Oddly, outside the place they had big signs up saying how seriously they took our welfare and so, as part of changes made, they were only allowing table service. That message clearly hadn’t reached the staff inside who said we could only order at the bar…

Tomorrow’s weather looks a lot more promising so I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to get out and about more then.