Croatia 2024 – Day Seven – Kotor, Montenegro

Once more we were back in a place that we had visited previously – Kotor, Montenegro. This time, however, we didn’t feel we needed to get up at 06:30 to see the views as we sailed in – as beautiful as they are. We also didn’t feel the need to walk up to the fortress high on the hill over looking the city, particularly as the fee to do so was €15 and it wasn’t worth it that for such a tough climb.

Instead we stayed at sea-level and walked around the tight streets of the city and found a coffee shop for a drink and some “free” wifi. Since the UK’s exit from the EU there has been no guaranteed mobile roaming and the telecoms companies in the UK are including less than previously. This includes our provider, Three, which doesn’t provide any free coverage in Montenegro. Like everyone else these days we wanted to keep in touch with what was going on at home and send photos to family and friends so finding that wifi was a must.

Coffee out of the way we left Mum and Dad to have a second cup while Helen and I went and walked along the accessible parts of the city walls. Kotor is pretty well fortified without the walls with a range of hills behind and the sea in front so I guess this was very much belt and braces!

We sailed out of the bay and left Kotor which signaled the end of our holiday. We’ll be seeing more of views similar to those in Kotor again though as next year we cruise to the Norwegian Fijords.

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