Greece 2015 – Kotor, Montenegro – Hitting our Step Target Early

I’m going to try and sound less like a card carrying UKIP member today…

The final stop on the cruise before returning back to Corfu was Kotor in Montenegro. We had read that the sail into port was the closest you could get to the Norwegian fjords without actually going there but had to be up early to see it. So at 06:30 we were up and on deck for a breathtaking sail in.

Being up and about so early meant that we were also able to be off the boat by 8am and into the town. There was some method in our madness – Kotor is another walled city but this time it had a fort at the top of 1,500 very steep steps. The temperature was due to reach 27 degrees so starting early meant we could do it in the cool of the day.

It was a good job we did as climbing up was hard, hot, work requiring many rest stops before we reached the fort at the very top and some spectacular views. After such a climb we were disappointed not to find a coffee shop at the top and so had to wait until we reached the town again before we could sate that particular desire.

Coming down was a real pleasure as it involved passing others on the way up and offering support “oh you’re nearly there!” for those near their goal, encouragement “it’s worth it for the views” for those half way up and an under-the-breath dismissive “well they’re never going to make it” for those struggling at the bottom. One particular highlight was hearing an American claim “well that wasn’t too bad” having made the short climb from ground level to the entrance with the actual 1,500 steps still in front of her!

The town of Kotor itself was very pretty with the usual touristy shops in amongst the winding streets. We even managed to find one selling Montenegrin football shirts, result!

It was back to the ship for an early sail-away for the last time this trip. Tomorrow we are back on dry land.