It’s a mark of a good holiday that everyone is willing to get up early enough to reach the parks at opening time which, with two teenage boys, is no mean feat!

Today we paid a visit to a family favourite, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and it was immediately obvious that something was amiss – where were all the people? Usually the park is heaving, even at opening time, but today it was pretty quiet which can only mean one of two things: a) the US schools have yet to break up for Easter or b) everyone was at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter… Either way it was pleasant to be able to get to the front of the attractions without a long wait. This meant that for the first time ever we got invited to star in the Backlot Tour show. Unfortunately, having been before, none of us fancied getting a soaking so politely declined.

One major disappointment for all was that the Star Tours ride is closed while it is updated to what looks like being some kind of take on the pod racers. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to open until May. Mat did suggest that we pop back for his birthday to try it out.

In the evening we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner. It’s an interesting place to dine, for a start it is dry which displeases Helen. Also there is a shop before the dining room where all sorts of what they describe as “old country” goods, such as Dolly Parton CDs and rocking chairs are sold. The food itself is “home style” and makes a fine change from the usual burger and chips on offer elsewhere. It was a great evening until Alex declared that it was the best meal he had ever had relegating 18 years of meals cooked by Mum into second place!

Check out the video below and there are some more photos of the day here and here.

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