I really like Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Of all the parks it is the most pleasant to be in. It is made up of a number of areas, such as: Africa, Asia and Dinoland and each one is themed to match it’s name. If you take a look though the slide show below you will see what I mean. You will also see the amazing attention to detail that has gone into creating the park.

Probably the best example of this are the areas around Africa and Asia which are dressed to represent a “typical” village in these continents. Given that both are so vast it is obviously a very stylised view. However, there are some great touches and it is beautiful to look at.

Another great part of the park is the safari where you take a bus ride through the savannah and see a number of animals – it is basically a modern version of Windsor Safari Park. Again it is very cleverly done as there are no obvious signs that the animals are in enclosures but clearly the lions are separate from both the gazelles and the visitors!

We ended up spending four hours in the park by which time we had been on the Dinosaur ride three times! We left at the hottest part of the day and retreated back to the villa to relax before going out for the evening.

Having said yesterday that we were hankering for eating in some nights we have now changed our minds after having a disaster with the oven in the villa. It is generally agreed that it should be left well alone and so we will be resuming our over indulgence at the local restaurants!

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