The boys, being lightweights, decided to have another morning in bed while Helen and I went for an airboat ride on Lake Tohopekaliga with Boggy Creek. We have been a couple of times before and, in our experience, you either get to see loads of wildlife or none. Today, regrettably, was a “none” day unless you consider a cow to be wildlife. Actually, that’s a bit unfair as we did see an aligator scampering away from our boat and a bald headed eagle sitting in a tree – although that was a bit like playing Where’s Wally.

Back with the boys we decided to do some crazy golf , although this being the US it was nothing like the crazy golf set up in one of the tennis courts in Knaresborough, this was ADVENTURE golf. We are talking mountains, waterfalls, boats and planes and all on a massive scale. And, unlike Knaresborough, it was hot, very hot. Great fun too even if the men were beaten the lone female!