We spent over five hours in Disney’s EPCOT park today, the longest that we have spent in any park this holiday. As predicted the number of people seemed to be more than last week but still not as crowded as it has been in the past – I wonder if the global recession has hit Disney? Nevertheless the fast-passes went quickly enough and by lunchtime they were booking for six hours ahead on the Soarin’ ride!

EPCOT is another wonderful example of the amazing set dressing at the parks. The boys aren’t that keen on it but I love the World Showcase where there are twelve countries represented in a very stylised way. The UK, for example, has what looks to be a cut down version of Hampton Court Palace and some very twee cottages along side a pub and a fish and chip shop! It also sells British chocolate at extortionate prices, i.e. about £2.25 for a bar that would cost well under a pound at home. Every other country has similarly themed buildings and overpriced regional items. I don’t care I still love it!

In the main part of the park is also one of my favorite rides, Test Track, which you can relive in its entirety by watching the first video below if you have the time or the inclination. Alex had decided that when the official photo was taken we would all point towards the camera. What was great about this was that we also managed to convince the other two occupants of the car that they should do the same – which is great feat when you are negotiating this at speed!

In the afternoon we went to Downtown Disney again and dumped the boys in the cinema while Helen and I walked round the shops before hitting Ghirardelli’s for an ice cream and a drink.

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