King King, Arlington Arts, February 2014

So I attended another gig at the superb Arlington Arts Centre on Thursday.  It is a small venue, maybe only 300-400 people but they seem to manage to get some really good acts there.

This time it was the excellent blues band King King who had first come to my attention at Weyfest last year – I recommend you seek them out. They were supported by a band called Devlin Blue who were musically very good, the lead guitarist was fantastic but the lead singer clearly fancied himself!

I have been keeping a list of gigs attended for a while now (I like lists) and thought that I should look at some stats. So I have moved the list to a Google spreadsheet as that means it is both easier to maintain and to pull stats from.

If you can be bothered to look at the second tab you can see the number of gigs attended by year and what is very clear is that as the kids have left home and the disposable income has increased so has my attendance at gigs.

The only thing that is stopping me going to more is that I much prefer to go with someone else and Helen isn’t always as keen on the artist as me and while I will still go and stand (Helen won’t) I’m not as up for it as I once might have been.

But there is nothing to beat music live, it is such an uplifting experience. It almost doesn’t matter what you go and see. I marvel at the ability of the artists and getting engrossed in the theatre of it all.

Bring on this year’s crop as we already have a number booked already.