My Flight Path

BA have added a neat page to their website allowing executive club members to see how far they have travelled with the airline in an engaging way. When you go to the site you see a snap shot of your stats at the top, this is mine:


Below which, in a view that is very reminiscent of Facebook, you can see all the flights that you have made by year. This can be a fascinating look at what you were doing at a particular point in your life. So in 2000 it shows that I made 24 flights back and forth between Heathrow and Amsterdam (on business in this case). I also made plenty more on KLM too but, of course, those aren’t shown.

One slightly interesting anomaly is a flight I appear to have taken from San Francisco to London 2004 with no corresponding outbound flight. From memory I flew out via Toronto then to San Francisco via Denver on internal flights which, again, aren’t covered by BA.

Anyway, it is fun to see where you have been and I suspect that the reasoning behind BA putting this together is so that you can see where you need to fill in the gaps!