Greece 2015 – Venice, Italy – A Beauty Revisited

This is the only stop on the cruise where we have been before, albeit some time ago, not that Venice is ever going to change that much. Last time we were here I came away decidedly unimpressed, for reasons I cannot really explain.  This time I was wowed. I’m fickle like that.

We were taken from the boat by tender to just beside St. Marks Square allowing us to take in the Bridge of Sighs and then the palace, tower and square itself. While it was busy it wasn’t so busy that you couldn’t move which was a pleasant surprise. What was less pleasant was the constant feeling of motion I had when walking, a consequence of being on the boat for only a couple of days. How quickly I have got my sea legs!

From St Mark’s Square we wandered the streets crossing bridges between the various islands and the further we got away from the square the quieter it was and the lower the prices for a coffee and pizza. Eventually we reached the Rialto Bridge. There is always somewhere on our trips that is shrouded in scaffolding and this year it was the Rialto, which was a shame but there are some many beautiful vistas in Venice it is difficult to complain.

Finally we reached the furthest point away from St. Mark’s Square along the Grand Canal where there was the most modern bridge in the whole of Venice.


We then got a water bus back all along the Grand Canal to our starting point. The water bus certainly represents good value for money costing €15 for two lasting 75 minutes as opposed to the €80 for 30 minutes on a gondola. Although I agree the water bus is less romantic.

We set sail from Venice at 6pm and the route goes so close to the shore that once again you get a fantastic view of Venice. We had a great day exploring and this time I came away feeling that Venice is a special place.