Greece 2015 – Koper & Piran, Slovenia – A Bit Windy

The first “proper” day of the cruise was a stop in Koper, Slovenia and, no, I hadn’t heard of it before either.  Looking out from the boat it looked a grey day and stepping off onto shore we found that there was a stiff breeze blowing keeping it pretty cool.

Having done our homework we had worked out that Koper was pretty small and we were docking on a Sunday so there wasn’t likely much to do there. The boat offered a number of day trips at inflated prices but we had booked a similar trip independently at half the cost which took us by coach to the town of Piran. During the drive over the guide explained to us that the reason the temperature was down was due to a wind called the Bora and once it had blown over it would bring better weather… in a few days!

Piran was a beautiful place with a wide, open, town square surrounded by some pretty buildings (below) and on the hill above a tower that looked like the one found in St Mark’s square showing it’s Venetian history. We walked to the top of the town for some great views over the top of the town. We then climbed higher to the city walls and looked across the whole town. It’s a really stunning place.


Back on the boat it was comedy night in the entertainment lounge. Tonight we were treated to a turn from Maurice from the Grumbleweeds. If you don’t remember them they were vaguely popular in the 80’s. He was pretty good but it was more light entertainment rather than comedy as he spent most of the time signing interspersed with a few gags.

Next stop Venice.