Greece 2015 – Ermones, Corfu – How’s Your Vatos?

Today we decided to do a walk around the area local to the hotel. We did this a couple of years ago when we were here last and knew it to be a pretty walk but that the instructions were somewhat inaccurate.

With the instructions that I had amended after our last time we set off reasonably early in order to avoid the heat of the day. We weren’t overly successful and by mid-morning we were pretty hot.

The walk takes in a number of local villages all of which to me sound like medical complaints.

“Ooh my Glyfafa’s flared up something rotten again.”
“Oh well my Pelekas is aching and don’t get me started on my Vatos!”

At the highest point you overlook the sea and the beautiful clear blue waters. From there it is down what can only be described as a track meant for mountain goats. Last time this rough track was worth the effort as it went through a lovely olive grove. We were disappointed to see that in the intervening time there had been a fire which left the trees as charred stumps.

The hot four mile walk had taken us a couple of hours which I guess isn’t that bad all things considered.

After a lazy rest of the day around the hotel reading we went back into Corfu Town for the evening.