A Night at the Museum

We’re not great museum goers in the Thompson household, although the Pitt Rivers in Oxford is excellent. However, we do make exceptions when there is something a bit different going on.

The last Friday in the month the Natural History Museum in London opens late (until 10pm) and what sealed the deal, for Helen at any rate, was that they also sell wine which you can sip while looking at the exhibits.

So this seemed like an excellent time to visit and blessed by fine weather for the end of October we walked from Paddington. Ideally we would have liked to have walked through Hyde Park but is was dark and shut.

The first surprise on arriving was that there was a queue to get in. We had naively assumed that it would be quiet and inside was even busier – particularly around the bar!

The second surprise was that looking at slightly faded stuffed animals even in a beautiful building with the lights down is not all that it is cracked up to be. It lacked something that the equivalent museum in Oxford had, which was a shame.

However, the dinosaur section was superb and the lighting made it incredibly atmospheric, or maybe that’s just a boy thing!

I’m not sure that I would rush back to the Natural History Museum again but next door is the Science Museum and opposite the V&A so maybe we will be back that way sometime.