A Box of 45’s

During a recent tidy up I found my old wooden box of 45 singles, regrettably I got rid of my albums years ago, although I am slowly rectifying that.

I’m hugely proud of the box itself as it is the only decent thing I ever made in any of my craft lessons at secondary school. It really is a thing of beauty (in my eyes at any rate). I still remember carefully measuring a 7″ single to get the correct dimensions for the inside and therefore the amount of wood I needed.

As you can see from the pictures above the box is rammed full of singles, mainly from the 80’s but there are a smattering from the 60’s and 70′ too. I’m sure that having them packed so closely together isn’t doing them any good but it did maximise the use of space!

Looking through them now it shows what an interesting taste in music I had then (and do still I suppose). Ranging from hip-hop to rock to pop with many other genres thrown in for good measure.


And this is what it is all about