Tracks Added – Album of the Year 2015

Last year I documented all the music I added to my collection and finished by highlighting my album of the year. This year I didn’t record what I added but I did want to highlight my musical year.

Looking at the stats on Subsonic I can see I have added 2,100 tracks which equates to about 14 days of additional listening. However, this doesn’t include all the vinyl I have bought and I have bought a lot.

New additions have included remasters of Peter Gabriel 1 & 2, the latest from Coldplay and many second hand copies of old classics. The trend with new releases seems to be for heavyweight vinyl and the original release spread over four sides rather than two. This is to bring a better sound but does mean that you are up and back to the deck every few minutes. Still I do need the exercise!

I also dug out all my old 45’s from the loft and, as you can see from the image below, it is quite a varied collection.


So to my album of the year – King King’s “Reaching for the Light”. Since discovering them at Weyfest in 2013 I have really been “in to” King King a British blues rock band. I think that we have seen them four times now and this year and they have such an energy about them.

King King - Reaching for the Light
King King – Reaching for the Light

The album has a great mix of tracks but the two that stand out are “You stopped the rain” and a great cover of Paul Carrack’s “Just a little lie”.