USA ’18 – Day 9 – A last hurrah for Hollywood Studios

We weren’t quite so lucky down the US 192 this morning only managing to get 12 out of the 15 lights green but it was still pretty swift. Here’s the journey from villa to the parks in two minutes (with the drive under the WDW sign in normal speed).

Once again we were up and out early in order to hopefully get a jump on the other guests and, in this case, get into Hollywood Studios early and into Toy story Mania before the hoards. Sadly it was not to be as when we arrived there was already a massive queue and a wait time shown of 135 minutes. This was at just after 9am!

The reason is that Disney hotel guests get to enter the park an hour earlier than the great unwashed. I guess the more you spend better the access. So it looks like there won’t be any Mania for the Thompsons this trip.

We split up again today with the boys doing the Rock n’ Roller coaster a few times while Helen and I went for the slightly less scary “have your picture taken with Kylo Ren”! We came back together to go on Star Tours once again and were rewarded with a scene that we had never seen before and must be pretty new as it included visuals from the latest film and an appearance from Poe Dameron. I wonder when actors sign on for film series such as Star Wars and Harry Potter they agree to do x films and as well as recorded segments for theme park rides. I guess that they must as nobody does that for nothing.

Post park we made a stop at the local Walmart on the way back to the villa. This was to stock up on essentials such as milk and cider and also because they have a large selection of Disney related clothing and other stuff. Not only that but it is official and much cheaper than the parks. A tee shirt in disney will cost you $20 and upwards where as a Star Wars logo tee shirt in Walmart is only $7.50.

My one gripe with Walmart, well my main gripe, is that they are incredibly profligate with carrier bags – they can’t wait to give them away. Pretty much every single item is lovingly put into a bag. Mind you these aren’t any “bags for life”, more like “bags for 20 minutes until you get home” but still. If we wanted to reduce plastic usage this would be a perfect place to start. Can’t see Trump signing up for that!