USA ’18 – Day 10 – Too Hot to Mickey Around

One thing that I really like about the Disney parks is that they each have their own distinct identity and are beautifully executed. Magic Kingdom, where we were today, has a lovely kitschy, 1950’s America feel to it. Nothing shows this off better than Main Street that you encounter right after you enter the parks.

The street is lined with heavily air conditioned shops selling all sorts of Disney paraphernalia. It is possible to walk pretty much the whole length of the street inside the shops thereby avoiding the heat but to do so would also mean you miss the entertainment laid on.

Today we came across this barbershop quartet who were stood outside in the heat singing a selections of songs and cracking (awful) puns.

While I have respect for these four dressed like this in the heat the real kudos has to go to those dancing in Donald, Mickey etc costumes outside the castle. It must have been so hot inside these costumes that they really earned their money today.

For some reason that I haven’t been able to fathom Alex decided that he wanted to go into the Hall of Presidents. If this had been the Hall of Prime Ministers in the UK I might have understood it but this left me scratching my head. Anyway, we went in and discovered that rather than being a hall with a long line of animatronic presidents this was a theatre show of some sort. The next one started in 15 minutes and the show itself lasted 23 minutes. On discovering this information minds were changed and we thankfully made a swift exit!

This evening we went out once more to Cracker Barrel for dinner. The fare they serve here isn’t terribly sophisticated and arrives suspiciously quickly but it has one major redeeming feature which is that it is incredibly cheap. This one cost uas £35 (excluding a 20% tip) which is about a third we could pay elsewhere. Part of this can be attributed to them not serving alcohol but that doesn’t account for it all. It is just very cheap.