Thames Path – Day Eight – Windsor to Maidenhead

For various reasons we’d delayed doing this next stage of the Thames Path but today we were good to go so it was a bit disappointing to wake to the news that the train we were due to get had been cancelled. No problem we thought, we’ll just get the next one. I checked and found that all trains for the next hour or so into Paddington had also been cancelled. Turned out that there was an unspecified problem up the line and nothing was moving (other than the estimate time for the lines to reopen). We decided to take a chance and go into Reading, have some breakfast and if the trains still weren’t running after that we’d simply stay in town and do some ’shopping’. As it turned out the problem eased and we were able to get a train an hour and 15 minutes later than we had originally planned. We set straight off out of Windsor heading towards Maidenhead.

We’d been glad that we hadn’t been doing this yesterday when the temperatues had reached 27 degrees. However, while the temperature had dropped to a more managable 20 there was a pretty cold wind making me wonder if I should have brought another layer with me. We carried on and the weather vacillated between too hot and too cold.

This wasn’t the most exciting stage of the path we have done and neither of us really enjoyed it, particularly the walk along the road to Maidenhead station at the end but at least it is another stage ticked off.

To Date

Day: 8

Start: Windsor

End: Maidenhead

Distance: 7.57 miles

Cumulative: 74.75 miles

To go: 115.48 miles

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