Great Ocean RoadToday we left Melbourne for a two day trip down the Great Ocean Road, a twisty costal route that runs for hundreds of miles to the west of the city. After a dull drive out of Melbourne, past Geelong, we picked up the road at Anglesea and from there to our overnight destination overlooking Apollo Bay were fantastic vistas overlooking the ocean around every corner.… Read the rest

AUS ‘09 – DAY 7 – SYDNEY

Sydney Harbour

Today was our last day in Sydney and it was a scorcher with the temperature nudging 30 degrees. We started the day with a trip to the markets of The Rocks. The stalls were packed with the sort of items that you see at a craft fair in the UK only with an Aussie twist and without the drizzle.… Read the rest

AUS ‘09 – DAY 6 – MANLY

ManlyToday we took the ferry over to Manly which is a seaside resort for Sydney. The weather at 30 degrees was perfect for a trip to the beach and much of Sydney agreed.Manly has a long, straight, pedestrianised street with shops either side leading to the beach which is long, sandy, touristy and packed (well it was today).As… Read the rest


Melbourne at NightThis morning caught the train to Williamstown, a small town on the coast to the south of Melbourne. The guide books had suggested that it was a picturesque place for tourists to visit . Clearly the person that wrote the guide hadn’t been out of season as in September Williamstown resembled the Isle of Wight in March – cold and closed!… Read the rest

AUS ‘09 – DAY 1

Won ton and noodlesSay what you like about Australia but it is a very long way from home. Helen and I left home Saturday night and didn’t get into Melbourne until early on Monday morning. To be fair it wasn’t as horrendous as we had been expecting it to be particularly as we both managed to get some sleep in on the plane.… Read the rest