The SS Great Britain

I’ve always wanted to find interesting gifts for people for birthdays and Christmas. I also want to avoid repeating myself but the longer you’ve known someone the harder it becomes and socks just won’t cut it.

So it was that I found myself on a train making my way to Bristol to meet my Dad for a trip round the SS Great Britain.… Read the rest

Of Covid and Toilets

With ‘Freedom Day’ on the horizon I thought it was worth taking a closer look at one of the strangest rules that seems to have been universally applied during the pandemic. Those around public toilet access and they are pretty nonsensical.… Read the rest

“I Don’t Get Out Much”

Diagon Alley @ Warner Brothers Studio, London

Someone asked me recently why I haven’t been blogging as often as I had previously. The reason is simply that at the moment every day looks pretty much like every other and there’s not much to say.

However, the end of the second lock down in the UK neatly coincided with my wife’s retirement.… Read the rest