Old Town Car ShowWhenever I go to Old Town (off marker nine on the 192), Blackpool springs to mind. Old Town is packed with small shops selling tat along with the usual selection of places to get fast food – including an “English” chip shop. At one end is a fun fair and a giant A frame to launch you into the sky on a bit of elastic.

However, Old Town has one redeeming feature and it certainly pulls in the crowds. Every Saturday night they have a car show where some 100 classic cars come together to be inspected and later cruise through the streets of the town.

There are many US classics on show, all beautifully prepared, and a surprisingly large number of English cars too. On show last night were a TR4 & 6, a couple of Austin Healey Sprites and an assortment of Minis. It is interesting to compare and contrast the big, brash US models with the much smaller European counterparts. Styling is also a lot more brash too as you can see from some of the interior pictures.

It’s a trip that I always enjoy and that the family grudgingly allows me to go to (I walk through the cars while they hit the shops). It makes me want to get on and do some more to my MG.

There are more pictures from the show here and check out the video below of the Ford Mustang driven by a member of ZZ Top!