Steve Hackett, Royal Albert Hall, October 2013

IMG_7504If you like classic Genesis, by which I mean Gabriel era, then about the only way you are going to be able hear their music played live with a member of the band these days is to go to see Steve Hackett.

I’ve seen him play a couple of times before when he played just a handful of Genesis tracks and they are pretty faithful to the originals and really got the audience buzzing.

This time around he was touring his Genesis Revisited II album which has some real gems on it. I was lucky enough to get tickets to see him and his band at the Royal Albert Hall, a superb venue. He was joined by a number of guests, including John Wetton of Asia and Ray Wilson, formally of Genesis (well for one album at any rate).

It was great to hear tracks like Return of the Giant Hogweed, Dancing with the Moonlit Knight and the 25 minute masterpiece Supper’s Ready.

While it is great that Hackett keeps the spirit of Genesis alive I do hanker after a full reunion but I sadly suspect that is not to be.