Canterbury Tales

I’d never been to Canterbury before last week and that’s a shame as it is a lovely place. Even better was that the sun came out after nearly three months with enough rain to make Russell Crowe consider building a boat.

The heart of Canterbury is the cathedral. I made the mistake of assuming that it was just the, admittedly, very grand church but, in fact, the grounds are extensive, something that isn’t evident from outside the gates. The cloisters were particularly atmospheric with the morning sun streaming through. There is also a very posh looking school there where the very well behaved pupils wandered by some in bright purple gowns.

The rest of the town has much to see too, including a relatively short stretch of wall, the view from which is great to one side and pretty bleak to the other. It was easy to spend a day there wandering around but do expect to pay handsomely to get into the cathedral but it is worth it.