USA '14 – Day 4 – Under the sea

I’ve said this before but Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a beautiful place to be as it is by far the lushest and greenest of any of the parks, Disney or otherwise. It’s a real pleasure to be there and to just wander around.

Of course there was some serious rides and entertainment to be had too which, thanks to the Fastpass+ system, meant a trip to Primeval Whirl. This is one of Helen and Alex’s favourite rides but I haven’t been on for a few years and couldn’t remember why – half way round I remembered and elected to sit it out when the other three went on for a second go.

The beauty of coming slightly before the schools break-up for Easter is that the parks are pretty quiet at present meaning that you can walk onto most rides first thing in the morning without there being any lines, which is great. This meant a relaxed day as we wandered around the park.

We were going to see the Lion King show but that has been flattened to make way for, I kid you not, Avatarland. So instead we went to see Finding Nemo, the musical. This was really well done as a mixture of puppets and real actors, see the pictures below for a better idea of what it was like. That’s another great thing about the Disney parks is that you get West End (or Broadway if you prefer) quality shows running several times a day – the production quality really is that good.

This evening we went out to the restaurant Bahama Breeze, somewhere I had wanted to go back to so that I could taste the local delicacy Key Lime Pie. Unfortunately by the time we got to desert we were too stuffed to partake so I will have to save that for another day.