Weyfest 2014

My third time back at Weyfest this year and suddenly the secret seems to be out as it seemed much busier right from the opening act on Friday evening. It’s still a small and friendly festival with four stages spread over a small area making it easy to get about and maximise what you can see and judging by the huge swathes of collapsible chairs plenty of others agree with me. It also has the advantage of being less than an hour from home so I am able to come home to the comfort of my own bed!

This years headliners were 10CC, The Feeling and Squeeze. Kicking off proceedings were King King, back for a second year and making it the third time in a year that I have seen them play. They’re still great and really got the crowd moving. Graham Gouldman is now the only original member of 10CC still with the band but even so they still manage to sound like they did in their heyday. Along with the classics we were treated to a few lesser known album only tracks too.

The thing I love about Weyfest is that you get to see bands that I wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to. This year this included Kokomo and Chas & Dave. Yes that Chas & Dave who I have had to reevaluate a bit. I have in the past, unfairly it seems, lumped them together with others as a novelty band but after watching and listening more closely I can see that not only are they fine musicians but they are inventive too. Not that they should worry what I think given the huge reaction from the audience who were singing along with gusto.

So I enjoyed it this year but probably not as much as last time out. I will probably look to go next year but that will depend on the line up.

Oh and am I the only one who thinks that Chas looks like Jeff Lynne?