If the government thinks it’s a good idea why are we voting on it?

So our copy of “that” leaflet arrived this week and no amount of petitions or Eurosceptic postmen was going to stop it arriving. I wouldn’t say that it was a right riveting read but it made its case clearly and concisely and in big print which is always welcome for me these days.

In my case it was preaching to the converted of course but it did get me thinking that if staying in is so obviously good that the government supports it why are we voting on it?

The answer, of course, is that this has got nothing to do with us voting public and everything to do with David Cameron trying to get the dissenters in his own party to pipe down and we are caught in the crossfire. That’s not to say that a significant proportion of the electorate don’t want out. The current polls show that it really is 50:50 – not that polls seem to be a reliable bellwether these days.

Whatever the outcome it is going to be horrendous. Somedays I just want to curl up in a ball and hide until it is all over, which, if the out vote wins, could be ten years or more. What sad little isolationists that would make us.