Vienna 2017 – Day Three – Miscellany

Mostly when we go away it is warmer in the destination than it is back home but not this weekend. While the weather here has been warm (low 20’s) and dry (at least during the day) it has also been windy which has ensured that it has felt pleasant without being overbearing. That doesn’t seem to be the case back home where temperatures have been nudging 30 so it will be interesting getting off the plane late this afternoon.

The last two days we have set out with a particular goal in mind or have followed a walking tour from the GPSMyCity app. Today we wandered just soaking up the sights. What this did show is that plenty of places were closer to each other than we had imagined. You look up and there is the fountain that we passed on the way to the Belvedere which seemed a long way out but in fact was near to a park that I’d thought was in the centre. Maybe it’s just my ability to read a map that’s at fault!

So we leave Vienna having enjoyed our weekend. It is an attractive city but it is still missing that one landmark that everyone would identify with it. Having spent the weekend here its hard to think what that might be – think they’ll just have to build something.

The hotel that provided earplugs also was missing a fourth floor!