USA ’17 – Day 5 – Morro Bay and Cambria

Short day today in terms of miles to drive with there just being 137 miles to travel from Solvang to our next stop of Cambria. The obvious place to stop on this route is Hearst Castle but neither of us fancied a guided tour and so we elected to just take the day as it came.

It just so happened that we spotted a sign at the side of the road for a place called Morro Bay with a happy couple taking a selfie in front of a large rock. We took one look at and and thought “that’s for us!” It really was a great little place. We parked right on the waterfront and were able to look out over the water to the rock that sits in the middle of the bay. We were also treated to a display below us from both a seal and a sea otter, which was great.

Watch the seal below try and attract the attention of the fishermen above in an effort to get some easy fish. Unsuccessfully on this occasion but one suspects that’s not always the case.

We drove on from Morro Bay to a place just north of where we were staying for the night that had Elephant Seals resting on the beach. They are great big things that by and large didn’t do much but lay on the beach resting. Given that most of these are, apparently, pregnant females I can’t say that I blame them.

Finally, we came back to our hotel which overlooks Moonstone Beach. Unfortunately our room, unlike the hotel, overlooks the car park. We went for a walk along the beach and now I can say that I have paddled in both the Atlantic and the Pacific – I can confirm that both feel pretty much the same!