USA ’17 – Day 10 – Yosemite

Full day in Yosemite today and the first time I have been forced to wear long trousers and a jumper since we arrived! It was a chilly six degrees when we left the room and only got to 17 at the height of the day.

Despite a couple of people suggesting we walk to the top of the Upper Falls (thanks, but no thanks Liz and Tony) we elected to stay closer to the ground and do the Yosemite Valley Trail. This is a loop around some of the better know sights of the park.

We initially set off in the wrong direction and by the time we had realised I had already completed my 30 minutes of exercise as monitored by my watch.

As usual we didn’t have to get very far from the hotel for the people to disappear – most only seemed to make it as far as the falls a short walk from the hotel. As yesterday the views were simply breathtaking and a camera really doesn’t do it justice.

The walk took us along side the Merced river to the base of El Capitan (other operating systems are available) where we then headed back on the other bank to the hotel. All in all this was a total of nine miles and by the end of it I was ready for a sit down and a cup of tea.

My ability to get a good cuppa here in the States has been pretty mixed I have to say. They don’t seem to understand the concept of wanting to put milk in it and the tea itself seems pretty weak so takes days to brew. Then there is the milk which seems to be most often “half & half”. I’ve decided that this must be half milk and half toilet cleaner. And, I don’t seem to be able to find a Costa at all. In the UK you only need to randomly throw a stone and you are bound to hit one.

We are on the move again tomorrow, this time to Death Valley.