Sicily 2016 – Day 11 – Siracusa

Decided to have a more relaxing day today after the couple of train journeys we have taken over the last two days. 

In the morning we went back into the island part of Siracusa – Ortiga – and made our way to the market. It was an odd mix of amazing fresh fish and vegetable stalls along side those selling the sorts of tack you see in the independent pound shops in the UK. It was an opportunity to also sample some local wears such as delicious sun dried tomatoes and a local cheese. 

After finishing at the market we wandered the streets looking in the touristy shops which again were a mixture of cheap, tacky tourist stuff and more thoughtful gifts. The sour and miserable server in Zara was a nice reminder of home though.

We have passed a few times now a quaint looking little tea shop cum bookshop but it has always been shut but tonight the stars aligned and we found it open. 

I started with a hot chocolate with hazelnut which arrived below and was, basically, hot Nuttella and delicious. Next up was a much needed English breakfast yes which I’ve much missed. 

Tomorrow we are back on track so to speak.