USA ’18 – Day 14 – Back to see Harry once more

Our last full day. Boo! We chose to spend it in Universal which has lots of rides for all the family. It also is home to my least favourite ride: “Secure a locker at Hogwarts” which, as I have said previously, is a real pain and poorly designed. I’m tempted to say that wouldn’t have happened at Disney…

Anyway, we did the same circuit as we did before so we started off at the Gringotts ride which once again we did twice. Then three of us went onto Men in Black while Alex did some roller coaster that you wouldn’t get me on if you paid me. Men in Black is so old now that the recorded messages as you go round make reference to no “videotaping” who remembers doing that?

This time the Simpsons ride was working so we were able to sample the delights of trying to be killed by Sideshow Bob once more before we headed off for a single rider trip on Transformers.

Finally we got the Hogwarts Express across to the other park and went on the “Forbidden Journey” a couple of times, again as single riders. It is amazing that even after riding this probably at least half a dozen times I am still noticing things in it that I have never seen before. You can also date just when it was conceived and built by the age of Daniel, Rupert and Emma who looked pretty young.

We have been making lots of use of the single rider option this holiday which has meant very short wait times and frequently we haven’t been split much as a party at all, which is even better.

Universal is still, comparatively speaking, empty when compared to Disney with the majority of people converging on the Harry Potter lockers rides.

So that’s our final day just about done with our last evening meal out chosen as Olive Garden which we all enjoyed on our last visit. There were LOTS of people waiting for a table when we arrived but the good thing about American restaurants is that they have a quick turnaround so we were seated within 30 minutes.

We are now packed and have a late flight tomorrow so have time for just one more park tomorrow – which will it be?