Athens 2019 – Day Five – A Lazy Sunday Morning Stroll

We had a few hours before the taxi was due to collect us from the hotel and as the weather was still good decided to go for a stroll. We went straight to the sister hotel of the one we are staying in as it has a rooftop terrace with view across the city to the Acropolis. In fact we had been there in the first night to see the view at night.

We told the receptionist what we wanted to do and she said that was fine and explained where it was. Then, without missing a beat said “but the bar won’t be open”! This was at nine thirty in the morning!

From there we walked down towards the flea market taking a longer route than we had previously. Past shuttered shops on quiet back streets with graffiti covered fronts. Every now and then we would come across a tiny church with the sermon being pumped out via a PA to the surrounding area. These places are so small that there is little danger of them not being able to have a full congregation. They are also scattered liberally across the city.

Finally, we were back at the hotel with only the taxi journey to the airport to look forward to.