Croatia 2024 – Day Four – Koper, Slovenia

We’ve been to Koper before back in 2015 but last time we didn’t linger but got a bus down the coast to nearby Piran. This time we went into the town itself and found two things: firstly, it has a very attractive square with a church and fine fronted castle-y building and secondly, it is tiny.

Code Alpha

There was a shipwide tannoy announcement today that said something like “Code Alpha to cabin 5678”. I have no idea what “code alpha” is but I can have a pretty good guess. While the average age of people we have seen on cruises over the years has come down, there are even a handful of families with small children on this ship, the majority of whom are still older. I imagine that “code alpha” is the ship equivalent of calling for the crash team in a hospital. If I’m honest, I’m surprised I’ve not heard it before. At least today the call wasn’t for me!

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